• We are available at all times if you're seeking for a secure and authorised location to purchase cannabis online in Australia.


    We've been providing medical marijuana to those in need throughout Australia and the majority of Europe for years. We are the best choice if you want the greatest marijuana in Australia delivered quickly and securely.


    You may get a variety of goods from cannabis bud base, including Australian strains, hash, vape juice, and CBD oil. You may feel confident knowing that our products have undergone laboratory testing. We are certain to have something that will meet your needs given the wide range of rates we offer.




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    Weedbud Base is a group of Australian citizens who grow and import marijuana and goods linked to it for home use.


    Weedbud Base is here to bridge the gap between customers and overseas businesses as a result of multiple reports of frauds by customers originating from foreign cannabis firms.


    Everything you see on our website is already available for purchase in Australia. Now, from anywhere in Australia, you may order cannabis or anything related to cannabis from our Australian vendors online, and they will be delivered directly to your home. The possibility of same-day delivery exists.


    Simply have a peek around the store, make your decision, and then pay for it. Once the delivery has been made to your comfortable location, you may sit back and relax. Secure and discrete delivery to parking

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